Ways to Get Rid of Molds And Mildews at Home

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Ways to Get Rid of Molds And Mildews at Home

Molds And Mildews

Molds And Mildews

Molds and Mildew are generally types of fungus commonly found in damp or wet areas. Molds and Mildew both though come from Fungi Kingdom but they have some differences. Mildew are generally white or grey in color and is a plant disease whereas Molds are Blackish or Greenish in color and a bit thick and sticky in nature.

Where You Can Find Them?

Molds and Mildew are Fungus and can grow on any surfaces. They can grow on areas which are generally damp and wet like Kitchen, Bathrooms, Store rooms etc. One can find Molds and Mildew in Sink, Sink Pipes, Showers, Grouts, Floors and Walls.

Common Home Molds and Mildew Types Found

Common Molds and Mildew types generally found at Homes are

Stachybotrysatra: These are generally blackish in color one can found them as they appear  as black spots. These are dangerous among other types commonly found in walls as they need moisture to grow and spread.

Aspergillus: Aspergillus is most common form found in Households. These are found in Air conditioners and spoiled foods and cause allergies.

Cladosporium: These can be found in any damp surfaces commonly found in toilets. These are yellowish or greenish color in appearance.

Damages Caused

Molds and Mildew causes allergic problems to Human Beings. Cold, Cough, Fever are common types of health issues caused by them. They are not known for causing serious health issues but may cause lung problems if not treated on time.

Molds and Mildew damages property in many ways if not treated in earlier stages causing financial losses.

To get rid of Molds and Mildew call Professionals near me.

Common Home Remedies to get rid of Molds and Mildew

Lemon: Every house kitchen has lemons as common item. Lemon juices are acidic in nature mild and eco-friendly. These lemon juices when mixed with water and sprayed over Molds they can be cleaned easily.

Vinegar: Vinegar is another item used for cooking. White vinegar with its acidic nature can clean Molds and Mildew easily.

Soda: Baking Soda is another common item used for baking or cooking foods. Make a paste of soda with water and apply on area and scrub gently with scrubber.

Tooth Paste: Tooth Paste is another household item which can be used to clean Molds and Mildew. Tooth Paste comes in paste form and can be applied directly and scrubbed cleaned.

Bleach: Bleach items are common washing items found in Homes. Make a dilution of bleach with water, spray it affected area and clean it.

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