Refrigerator Cleaning Hacks And Ways to Keep it That Way!

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Refrigerator Cleaning Hacks And Ways to Keep it That Way!

Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning

In every house hold kitchen Refrigerator or Fridge is a must item so, refrigerator cleaning is required at least once a month. Refrigerator cleaning does not only mean removal of items and placing them back or simply deforesting.

Here are following tips to clean your fridge or refrigerator

Switch off power connection

First and foremost thing one should do is to switch off electric or power connection. It prevent from any damage or shock.


Deforestation will automatically start when your fridge is disconnected from any power. It will start deforesting on its own. At the time of deforestation keep an eye if there is any leakage or extra water coming out. You can speed up the methods by different techniques.

Removal of food items

Remove all food items first like curds, ice- creams which tends to melt down or like milks etc.. and place them in another fridge if possible. Frozen food items must be stored in zipper bags or sealed items. Then remove fruits and vegetable items, some of these items may be frosted so, they need to be deforested first or they may be damaged.

While removal of different items it is necessary to check items which are stored in containers like fruit jams, Pickle’s, sauce  etc… these items may be rotten if not in use or stored for prolonged time or its expiry date may be over. So, at the time of removal of items these must be checked properly, accordingly these items should be kept or thrown away.


Cleaning of refrigerator require some patience. First off remove all wire trays, then detach all plastic removal items from doors etc. then first start cleaning from inside.


  • Gloves
  • Sponge
  • Soap solution or liquid
  • Degreasing liquid
  • Brush
  • Hot water
  • Towels
  • Blower or vacuum cleaner
  • Container or bowl

Wear gloves first of all for safety purpose first clean inside area with a towel it will remove all dust particles, then pour soap or any liquid solutions in warm water and rinse well. Take sponge and soak it in solution then start cleaning. After cleaning the entire inside area take a dry cloth or towel and soak any extra water. You can also take the help of blower to dry the area. To  remove any hard strains soak the brush with solution and clean the area.

Now start cleaning the wire trays and plastic trays with solution with the help of sponge or brush. If there is any grease or oily part clean it with degreasing solution. Make them dry by towel or blower. After complete drying place them inside fridge where it belongs to.

Start refrigerator cleaning from outside after closing the door. First clean entire outside area with dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust then clean with sponge or brush with solution. Then dry the entire area with dry cloth. Back side should be cleaned with the help of brush to remove cob web or dust particle or with help of a vacuum cleaner.

Place every item of fridge at its suitable places.

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