Ant Control Services

ant control services

Ant Control Services in Delhi NCR

Ant is most common Pest in Residential, Commercial and Industrial areas. Ant control is required to stop developing its colonies in premise and its damage to property.

Description of Ants

Ants are eusocial insects. Their body consist of head, alitrunk, petiole, gaster. Ants head contains many sensory organs. Like most insects ants have compound eyes, exoskeleton body, head consist of two antennae. They have wings develop at lateral stage of life but not in all species, legs terminate in a hooked claw helps in climbing.

Ants range in size from 0.75 to 52 millimeters. There are more than 13,800 species of known ants. The life cycle of ant consist of four stages

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult

How to find out presence of Ants

Ants present can be felt at home as they can be seen near kitchen, store room or other parts of home or premise. They move around freely passing through or carrying foods. Ants bites humans and can cause allergies. It damages food and property causing losses to humans.

Common Ants Species found in premise

  • Black ant
  • Red ant
  • Fire ant
  • Odorous ant
  • Carpenter ant

Ants control at Home

Ants control at home can be done by spraying sprays available at local market. But for better control you need to hire Ant control professionals near home.

Why Professionals?

Professional Pest Control Technicians first inspects the area, then they work on Ants control process. To get rid of Ants you have to destroy their eggs also not only adult ones. Find Ant control professional near me.

How It Is Done

Professional Ant Control Technicians first Inspects the area and spray Industry standard chemicals inside closed areas where required. Chemicals are then sprayed to different part or area of building or house.

When to Book For Services

  • When you see sings of Ants.
  • Ants moving in premise or Home.
  • Monthly, Trimester or Half yearly or Yearly Service.

Why Us?

We have certified and Trained Pest Control Partners.

Use of Industry standard chemicals which are safe to use.

Do it at your convenient day and time.

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