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Silverfish Control in Delhi NCR

Silverfish is a nocturnal insect derived its name from silver grey color and among most common Pest found in Residential and Commercial areas. Silverfish Control is required as it is harmful for humans and damage property.

Description of Silverfish

Silverfish are generally very tiny insects. They are completely wingless has long antennae and moves in a wiggling motion. Its abdomen tapers at the end giving it fish like appearance. Newly hatched ones are whitish, but develop a greyish hue and metallic shine as they grow. Silverfish can live up to three years and can regenerate filament and antennae.

Life cycle of Silverfish

Silverfish develops in three stages egg, nymph, adult but process from egg to adult takes 2-3 months.

Reproduction of silverfish also involves three rituals

  1. Male and female stand and their antennae meets and they back off.
  2. Males runs away and female chases them
  3. Male female stands beside head to tail.

Silverfish females can lay 60 eggs at a time and can lay 100 eggs in life time. Eggs can be 0.8 mm long and a silverfish can be 13-25 mm long.

How to find out presence of Silverfish

Silverfish is household pest as they rely on cellulose diet so they eat food or materials containing cellulose and in the process destroys property. They can be found moving from one place to another and easily can be found in bedrooms, study rooms, store rooms, kitchen area.

Common silverfish types generally found are

  • Lepismasaccharinum.
  • Ctenolepismalongicadatum.

Silverfish control at Home

Silverfish control at home is not recommended, but you do some basic treatment if seen like powder or trap available at local market. But for better control you need to hire professionals.

Why Professionals?

Professional Pest Control Technicians first inspects the area, and then they work on Silverfish control process. To get rid of silverfish you have to destroy their eggs and nymph also not only adult ones.

How It Is Done

Professional Technicians first Inspects the area and spray Industry standard chemicals inside beds, wardrobes and closed areas where required. Chemicals are then sprayed to different part or area of building or house.

When to Book For Services

  • When you see sings of Silverfish.
  • Silverfish moving in premise or Home.
  • Monthly, Trimester, Half yearly or Yearly Service.

Why Us?

We have certified and Trained Pest Control Partners.

Use of Industry standard chemicals which are safe to use.

Do it at your convenient day and time.

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