Sofa/Chair Cleaning Services

Sofa Deep Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR

Sofas are not only common in Home and office but it is also an important part of Home and Office. Sofa Deep Cleaning is required as normal cleaning is not enough to keep it clean. Sofas are not only used for sitting purpose but with sofa table, it is also used for eating and drinking different beverages.

So, with time it gets dirty and its looks fades away. The fiber of sofa accumulates all short of dust, dirt, strain in it. With dirt and strains it is also becomes breeding space for different germs and pests which is harmful for all.

Sofas are also made up of different materials like leather, velvet, Fiber. So, It needs to be cleaned properly. Easy Services is a trusted name in Sofa Deep cleaning in Delhi NCR.

Way of Sofa Deep cleaning

Sofas were made up of different materials so, keeping it in mind it is cleaned.

Generally fiber sofa Deep Cleaning includes dusting of sofa and vacuuming.

Sofa is then shampoo with industry standard cleaning agent which is safe to use.

Sofa is cleaned with sponge or machine.

After Cleaning Sofa is vacuum cleaned.

Sofa is then left to dry.

How often you need service

  • For Homes sofas need to be cleaned quarterly.
  • Sofas also can be cleaned before or after party.
  • At the time of any occasion.
  • Commercial sofas must be cleaned on weekly basis on maintained daily.

Chair Deep Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR

Chairs are most common occupied among all sitting space available. So, chairs get dirty quite easily. It accommodates lots of dust and dirt. Keeping in mind material of chair whether leather or fiber it needs to be cleaned.

Ways of Chair Deep Cleaning

Chairs are first vacuum cleaned.

Vacuum cleaned chairs are then shampooed using industry standard cleaner.

Chairs are then cleaned using brush and vacuum then left to dry.

How often you need service

  • Chairs when gets strains and dirt it needs Chair deep cleaning is required.
  • Commercially chairs needs to be cleaned on weekly or monthly basis.

Why Us?

Easy services provide best services in Sofa deep cleaning and chair deep cleaning category.

We have experienced team of deep cleaners.

We use foam based Technique by Industry standard cleaners.

It helps to maintain material of sofa or chair as it is.

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