Mosquito And Flies Control Services

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito and Flies Control in Delhi NCR

Mosquito and Flies are among most common Pest in Residential and Commercial areas. Mosquito and Flies control is required as it is not only carrier but also cause several diseases which are threat to humans.

Description of Mosquito and Flies

Mosquito are generally slender shape, have elongated body consist of pair of wings and elongated mouthparts. They are members of 3,600 species of small flies.

Flies are insects of order Diptera, have mobile head with pair of large compound eyes. Diptera containing 1,000,000 species. Flies are known for spreading around 65 types of diseases like typhoid, cholera anthrax and thus threat to human beings.

The Mosquito and Flies Life cycle consist of

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adults

The first three stages of mosquito are largely aquatic, each of these stage lasts 5-14 days. An adult mosquito emerges from pupas it floats on water. An average mosquito length is about 3-6 mm. Their color varies from grey to black.

How to find out presence of Mosquito and Flies

Mosquito comes under flies species so, their presence can be felt as they fly around and makes iritic sound. Mosquito bite humans and other warm blooded animals. Mosquito require blood for development and laying eggs but it is not mandatory for all mosquitos. They can be found everywhere in house and Commercial or Industrial areas.

Common Mosquito Genera types generally found are

  • Anopheles Mosquito (Malaria).
  • Culex Mosquito (Encephelaitis).
  • Aedes Mosquito (Yellow fever, Dengue,zika).

Mosquito and Flies Control at Home

Mosquito and Flies control at home is done by controlling development of mosquito at home by removing dirt and storage of water where they can breed. You can spray available at shops or do some basic treatment if bitten by mosquito and developed allergic reaction by applying gel from medical store, professional guidance is advised if adverse conditions develops. But for better control you need to hire professionals Mosquito and Flies controller near home.

Why Professionals?

Professional Pest Control Technicians first inspects the area, then they work on Mosquito and Flies control process. To get rid of Mosquito and Flies you have to destroy their eggs, larvae also not only adult ones. Find professional Mosquito and Flies controller near me.

How It Is Done

Professional Technicians first Inspects the area and spray Industry standard chemicals inside closed areas where required. Chemicals are then sprayed to different part or area of building or house.

When to Book For Services

  • When you see sings of Mosquito and Flies.
  • Mosquito and Flies flinging premise or Home.
  • Monthly, Trimester or Half yearly or Yearly Service.

Why Us?

We have certified and Trained Pest Control Partners.

Use of Industry standard chemicals which are safe to use.

Do it at your convenient day and time.

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