Bird/Bee Control Services

Bird/ Bee Control And Bee Hive Removal in Delhi NCR

Bird and Bee both are common pest. In urban areas they damage property and sometimes put human life on risk. We are providing Bird Control, Bee Control, Bee Hive Removal Services in Delhi NCR.

Bird Control in Delhi NCR

Birds fly around Residential or Commercial property and damage them in different means. Like their feces, different dropping things that they eat or carry, their fur, nest etc.  It attracts other pests like ants, cockroaches and other bacteria or microorganism to grow. Common Birds as pest are Crows, Pigeons, Sparrows, Mynas, and Parrots etc. To control them following process were used.


  • Sun Shade: Sun shades are made up of different materials used to cover open spaces like roof top. Which is covered by shades.
  • Bird net: Bird net is generally made up of Nylon material. Nets are used to cover balcony in residential and commercial area.
  • Transparent Bird Net: Like bird net these are also used to cover balcony and open space in residential and commercial area. These are made up of polycarbonate material and almost invisible from distance. These makes to look property better.
  • Bird Spike: Bird spikes are finger like projections placed on different surfaces like above external AC unit. These are also made up of polycarbonate material and sharp edges soft edges are made by manufacturers in a way not to harm any birds.

Bee Control/Bee Hive Removal in Delhi NCR

Honey bees are most common pest found in urban areas. Bees as pest can be found in residential as well as commercial areas. Bee Hives can be seen hanging in from balconies, roof tops or tree trunks in residential or commercial space. These generally don’t put threat unless in large no or they feel threatened.

Bees are dangerous when they sting you; poison released from one can be bearable but causes extreme pain and swelling. If many bees sting a person then it may put life at risk due to chemicals they release in person’s body.


Professionals try to ensure that without harming process completes. Later in the evening or at night is the best time to do this.

If bees are more attacking in nature fumigating technique is applied.

Bee hive is then removed.

Why us?

  • Professionals ensures that Birds or Bees don’t get killed.
  • We have dedicated and Certified Professional Partners.
  • Affordable and reliable Service.

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