Room Deep Cleaning Services

Room Deep Cleaning in Delhi NCR

Room Deep cleaning means thoroughly cleaning of rooms whether it’s Bed room, Dining room, Living room or Drawing, Guest room, Puja room cleaning, Study room Cleaning, Store room and Servant room cleaning. Like Home deep cleaning services we provide professional room deep cleaning services as:

Bed Room Deep Cleaning

Bed room deep cleaning means cleaning the room which includes removal of cob web, dusting of walls and ceiling. Cleaning of fans and switch boards, cleaning of wardrobe’s, dusting of Doors and Windows, Vacuum cleaning of curtains, Cleaning and moping of floors.

Dining Room Deep Cleaning

Dining room is the place where we sit to enjoy food. Dining room deep cleaning includes cleaning of ceiling, fans, switch board, walls, dining table dusting and moping, Dining chairs dusting and vacuum cleaning, Cleaning and moping of floors. Dusting of doors and windows.

Living or Drawing Room Deep Cleaning

Living room or Drawing room is the place from where we enter house and sit. It’s the place which gets dirty easily so, Living room or Drawing room deep cleaning is required it includes dusting of ceilings, walls, fans, doors and windows, floor cleaning and moping. It also includes vacuum cleaning of sofa chair and mattress.

Guest Room Deep Cleaning

Guest room is a separate room for guest to stay. Guest room deep cleaning is done to make a good impression on guest it includes dusting and cleaning of doors, windows, fans, ceiling, walls, floors and bed mattress vacuum cleaning.

Study Room Deep Cleaning

Like bedroom and other rooms study room deep cleaning is also important. Study room contains lot of books, copy and other materials. Some of these materials are in constant use and others not so often. Study room deep cleaning includes vacuum cleaning of materials, shelves, dusting of ceiling, fan, walls, doors, windows and floor cleaning.

Puja Room Deep Cleaning

If you have a separate Puja room which needs deep cleaning, we help out to deep clean your puja room. We clean ceiling and walls which may be discolored; we try to restore the color. We clean fan, switch boards, doors, windows and floor.

Easy services also provides professional deep cleaning service to other rooms like Store room, servant rooms, Basement etc. Which are also cleaned by us on request?

Why Us?

  • Easy Services provides Room deep cleaning at affordable Rates.
  • Usage of Industry standard chemicals which are non-hazardous and safe to use.
  • We have professional team for Room deep cleaning.
  • Flexible days of choice.

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