Bed Bugs Control Services

Bedbugs Control Services

Bedbug Control in Delhi NCR

Bedbug is among most common Pest found in Residential and Commercial areas. Bedbug Control is required as it is harmful for humans and pets.  Bedbugs are harmful for human beings and pets, as they feed on Human and other warm blooded animals and move freely from one place to another. They rely on blood to feed themselves.

Description of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are generally very tiny insects about a size of seed. They are flat oval in shape and have no hind wings, front wings were turned into padded like structure. Newly hatched Nymphs are translucent, light yellow in color. As they grow older they turned into light brown to reddish brown in color.

Life cycle of Bedbugs involves five Immature Nymph stages and one adult sexual stage:

  • Egg
  • Nymph
  • Adult

Bedbugs can grow up to4-5mm long and upto1.5-3 mm wide.  Female Bedbugs can produce 1-10 eggs per day and nymphs come out of eggs and grow into adults. To grow into next stage Bed bug needs one Blood meal in every stage. Bedbugs grow faster; some of their types can lay 200-500eggs in life time grow several thousand times in a span of year. Bed bugs like to hide at furniture items like beds, couches, almirah’s .Bed bugs remain inactive mostly during day time.

How to find out presence of Bedbugs

Bedbugs generally don’t move all over the places so, you can find one if they were present at your home in beds, almirah’s. If you found blood strains on bed sheets or pillows then Bedbug is present in your home. Bedbug feces can be found out all over the places, they have very strong smell.

Common Bedbugs types generally found are

  • Cimexlectularius (commonly found).
  • Cimexhamipturus (tropical).

Bedbugs control at Home

Bedbug control at home is not recommended, but you do some basic treatment if bitten by one and developed allergic reaction by applying gel from medical store professional guidance is advised. But for better control you need to hire professionals.

Why Professionals?

Professional Pest Control Technicians first inspects the area, then they work on Bed bug control process. To get rid of Bed bug you have to destroy their eggs also not only adult ones.

How It Is Done

Professional Technicians first Inspects the area and spray Industry standard chemicals inside beds, almirah’s and closed areas where required. Chemicals are then sprayed to different part or area of building or house.

When to Book For Services

  • When you see sings of Bedbugs.
  • Bedbugs moving in premise or Home.
  • Trimester or Half yearly or Yearly Service.

Why Us?

We have certified and Trained Pest Control Partners.

Use of Industry standard chemicals which are safe to use.

Do it at your convenient day and time.

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