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Manpower/Recruitment Services

  • Permanent Recruitment

We at Easy services help Companies and startups to hire employees to fill their vacancies with best available talent from Market that suit their business to grow in the long term. We keep in mind that they were not only Job Fit but also flexible to fit into new Organization.

  • Temporary Recruitment

Temporary hiring is done to provide Human Resource Solutions for a short time or for project basis o our payroll they will work for your company.

  • Payroll Management Services

We at Easy Services Provides full fledge Payroll solutions to reduce company’s processing cost to ensure accurate, consistent and streamlined execution of your Payroll and compliance needs.

  • Background Check

Background check is important when we hire a new employee so, that you hire employee with clear background.

Social Media Check

To check background of employee we go extra mile to check background of employee to reduce risk of employees with dubious background.

Industry We Hire For