Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services means providing Professional Deep Cleaning Services in the Commercial Area. It may be Shop Deep Cleaning Services, Office Deep Cleaning Services, Boutique Deep Cleaning Services, Banquet Hall Deep Cleaning Services, Showroom Deep Cleaning Services, Shopping Mall Deep Cleaning Services, Multiplex Deep Cleaning Services, School Deep Cleaning Service, Commercial Complex Deep Cleaning Service, College Deep Cleaning Services, Café Deep Cleaning Services, Bar and Lounge Deep Cleaning Services, Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services, Hotel Deep Cleaning Services, Clinic Deep Cleaning Services, Laboratory Deep Cleaning Services, Fitness Center Deep Cleaning Services, Diagnostic Center Deep Cleaning Services, Pathology Lab Deep Cleaning Services, Diagnostic center Deep Cleaning Service, Nursing Home Deep Cleaning Services, Hospital Deep Cleaning Services, Commercial Apartment or Building Deep Cleaning Service, Villa Deep Cleaning Service, Farmhouse Deep Cleaning Services etc.

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Why Commercial Deep Cleaning Services?

Commercial Deep cleaning services are done to clean commercial space deeply and thoroughly. So, that it looks neat and clean which is not possible through regular cleaning. In Commercial deep cleaning professional cleaners first understand the cleaning requirements as every Industry or nature of business is different from one another. They then inspect the area or materials like chair, sofa etc. to be cleaned. They propose what needs to be done and take conformation of work and start their work on agreed day.

What we offer in Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

We offer different Commercial Deep cleaning services according to requirement and on demand services across different commercial sectors. These are following services

  • Commercial Table and Chair deep cleaning.
  • Commercial Sofa deep cleaning.
  • Commercial Carpet deep cleaning.
  • Commercial Upholstery deep cleaning.
  • Workstation Deep Cleaning.
  • Commercial Curtain Cleaning.
  • Commercial Window glass/Façade cleaning.
  • Dusting of ceiling and walls.
  • Dusting of Decorative items.
  • Commercial Floor deep cleaning.
  • Commercial Floor Polishing and maintenance.
  • Cabinet cleaning.
  • Commercial Mattress Cleaning (Hotels).
  • Washroom Cleaning.
  • Commercial Kitchen or Pantry Cleaning.
  • Office partition cleaning.
  • Glass partition cleaning.
  • Commercial Wooden Furniture Cleaning.
  • Commercial Leather Furniture Cleaning.
  • Commercial Window Blinds Cleaning.
  • Stair and Corridor Cleaning.
  • Commercial Parking Cleaning.
  • Balcony Cleaning.
  • Other cleaning as required.

Equipment’s and chemicals used for Deep Cleaning

  • Brooms.
  • Duster.
  • Buckets.
  • Mugs.
  • Buckets.
  • Wipers.
  • Hot or Normal Water.
  • Scrubber.
  • Different brush.
  • Disposable bags.
  • Industry standard Cleaners or chemicals.
  • Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Spray Machine.
  • Small Hand Machines.
  • Single Disc Machine.
  • Other Equipment’s as required

When to Book for Commercial Deep Cleaning Service?

Commercial Deep Cleaning services should be booked on following occasions and at certain frequency.

  • Daily Deep Cleaning.
  • Weekly Deep Cleaning.
  • Weekend Deep cleaning.
  • Fortnight Deep Cleaning.
  • Monthly Deep Cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning done on Quarterly or Half yearly basis.
  • After Renovation or Painting work.
  • Before and after Business Meeting.
  • Before and after any party or celebration.

Why Us?

  • Easy services provide best Commercial Deep cleaning services in Delhi NCR. We have skilled Professionals and Partners who will do it for you.
  • Usage of Industry standard chemicals which are non-hazardous and safe to use.
  • Nominal charges as compared to others.
  • Flexibility of day of cleaning whether week days or weekend.

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