Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services in Delhi NCR

Floor Cleaning and polishing is important part of cleaning whether it’s a Home, Residential Complex, Office Space or Commercial Area. Floor is cleaned on regular basis by general dusting and moping. Generally floor shine and its shade turns to fade away due to constant deposit of dust and other dirt particle on the floor. Over the time with constant moping of floor using salt and other mineral deposits turns the floor into turn yellowish or reddish in color.

It does not matter what type of floor it is or whether it’s expensive or not. If the floor is not cleaned properly it will not draw attention but criticism. Whether its Tiles, Indian Marbles or Italian Marbles its gets dirty and loses its shine due to constant deposit of dust. We clean and Polish all kind of Marble, Granite or kota stone.

In such conditions Floor cleaning and polishing experts are required who understand the conditions of the floor well and clean or polish it well. We cover all kind of floors whether it’s marble, tiles, carpet, vinyl, hardwood or any surface. We have a good team to restore and maintain floors.

How it is Done

  • Our team inspects the area first and observes the condition.
  • Area is then cleaned properly by dusting, moping and dry vacuuming.
  • Scrubbing of floor is done if required to do so.
  • To collect dirt wiping is done followed by wet vacuuming.
  • Buffing is done to restore shine on surface.
  • Dirt and thrash were collected and disposed.

Why Us?

  • We have experienced floor cleaning and Polish team.
  • We use latest Technique to cleaned polish the floor.
  • Industry Standard Chemicals which are safe to use.
  • Affordable price depends on floor surfaces.
  • We cover Flats, Home, Villa, Residential complex, School, Colleges, Hotels and Restaurant’s, Religious Places.

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