Tricks – How To Keep Bathrooms Neat and Clean

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Tricks – How To Keep Bathrooms Neat and Clean

Tricks – How To Keep Bathrooms Neat and Clean

Tricks – How To Keep Bathrooms Neat and Clean

Bathroom cleaning is very important part of Home Cleaning. Cleaning not either an easy task or not one likes to do it. Every family member seems to avoid it when it’s time to clean it. For best cleaning results hire Professional Bathroom Cleaners near me. If we avoid bathroom cleaning it may be breeding ground for different pests and viruses. These may result in Human health and also lower the standard of living. One can avoid it by hiring Professional Home Cleaning Services.

Bathroom cleaning Tricks

Bathroom cleaning is one thing that we all avoid to do, but it is very essential part to keep our home safe and germ free. To keep it safe there are some tricks to keep it neat and clean. User may follow on their own to keep it safe, these are as follows.

Tile Cleaning

Our bathroom walls are generally half or full fitted with tiles to make it look attractive. Tiles get dirty while constant use of bathroom. Clean Tiles at least every fortnight to look clean using good tile cleaning agents.

Floor cleaning

Like wall Tiles, Floor tiles or marbles also gets dirty while in constant use. If not cleaned properly or on time they will turn yellowish or their shine may fade away. Like wall tiles clean Floor Tiles or Marbles at least every fortnight or monthly basis to look clean using good floor cleaning agents. To keep it clean make sure it remains dry as long as possible.

Sparking Mirror

Every bathroom has mirror in it. With time mirror gets water spots and other strains if not cleaned on time. Take a wet tissue and clean it or clean it using glass cleaning liquid by sprinkling over glass and drying it.

Remove Hard water Strains

If water contains minerals or more of such things it gets deposited on Taps, showers and were hard to clean. To remove such strains, take luke warm water and mix baking soda with little bit of ammonia and mix well. Clean the surface with the help of tooth brush or one can use descaling agents available on market.

Shining Toilets

To get shining toilets one needs to clean toilets every alternate days. It will not keep them shining but also helps to keep bathroom fresh by avoiding any foul smells. There are many toilet cleaners available in market buy one and clean it using Toilet cleaning brushes. For homely cleaning one can try baking soda on its own to clean Toilet. To clean Toilet bowls one can use mixture of water, lemon juice and borax. Flush it after use. For better results Hire Professional Bathroom Cleaners near me.

Bathtub Cleaning

Not all bathrooms are big enough to keep bathtubs. But if you have one in your bathroom then one needs to clean on monthly basis to keep bathroom look clean. For cleaning purpose one can use liquid soaps and clean them using scrubbing pads or may use ceramic cleaners then rinse well in water and let it dry.

Wash Basin Cleaning

Wash basins are in constant use as taps to wash and clean hands and other purposes. Wash basins can be cleaned using any homely detergent or dish washing liquids using scrubbing pads. One can use cleaning agents also like tile cleaners. Wash basins should be cleaned every fort night.

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